Wolf Creek Public School’s capital plan has been approved by the school board. Board Chair, Luci Henri is answering a couple of questions about the approved plan. 

She says every year, there are five project drivers considered including health and safety, building condition, enrolment pressures, functionality and programming, and legal. 

“We are fortunate in our division that we have an excellent facilities team that takes exceptional care of our schools. Their tireless work helps keep our facilities in great shape to best serve students, staff and our school communities,” explained Henri. 

At this time, she says there are two schools in need of replacement within the school division including Iron Ridge Elementary Campus (IREC) in Blackfalds and Ècole J.S McCormick School (JSM) in Lacombe.  

“Iron Ridge Elementary Campus in Blackfalds has been on our capital plans for about 18 years. It is a Kindergarten to Grade 3 school with a capacity for 505 students, including four modulars. The school has passionate staff and committed and dedicated families that make the school a great place to learn and grow. But, the facility tops the capital plan because it shows four of the five project markers needing to be addressed. The school is 36-70 years old, as parts are from the original build in 1949, and other sections are from additions from 1958 to 1983 and modulars added in the past nine years,” explained Henri. 

Neither IREC or JSM have been selected for modernization for this year by the provincial government. However, Henri says the school board continues to advocate for the work to be done. 

You can read Luci Henri’s full column, by clicking here.