The Town of Ponoka has expanded their curbside recycling program to include more plastics. 

In the past, residents would only recycle a limited numbers of plastics (labelled 1 and 2) due to market restrictions. The Town’s waste management contractor E360S is now transporting plastics to a company in Edmonton with an automated sorting system. The system allows for large volumes of plastics to be sorted in a cost-effective manner. 

“Being able to place all plastics with numbers 1-7 at the curb for recycling again means that our community can start diverting more waste from the landfill. That’s great news,” said Sandra Lund, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Ponoka. 

“The Town encourages residents to recycle as much plastic and household waste as possible through the curbside program because recycling not only protects the environment for future generations, it also saves on landfill costs,” added Lund. 

All plastics placed at the curb must still be rinsed and cleaned. Here’s the updated list of plastics that will now be accepted at the curb for recycling:

List of recyclables

For more information on Ponoka’s recycling, click here.