A short film paying tribute to past and presents of Canada’s fighting forces was on display at the Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery this weekend.

Filmmaker Ruben Tschetter presented his CACHE Project Screening, “Flags of Remembrance”, Sunday afternoon, a film about Allan Cameron and his display of patriotism in Central Alberta.

Cameron is the Executive Director of Veterans Voices of Canada, and started the Flags of Remembrance project in 2014, where Canadian flags were erected along Highway 11 near Slyvan Lake.

Each flag represents those who sacrificed their lives and well-being in combat and is something Cameron said needs to be remembered.

“They’re not going to be here forever, we have to document their stories and I feel the best way to learn about those stories is to hear it from the veterans themselves.”

“We can talk about it, we can read books about it, but seeing the veterans and hearing them talk about their stories is what’s most effective.”

Filmmaker Ruben Tschetter said he enjoyed being a part something that continues to grow across the country.

“It’s really important work and if you follow Veteran Voices of Canada or Flags of Remembrance, you can see that every year it’s getting bigger and bigger and for good reason.”

Since 2014, Flags of Remembrance has spread over the entire country and has 18 communities taking part this year.