Innisfail High School’s Madeline Pereira has been nominated to receive the Edwin Parr award for Chinook’s Edge School Division for her teaching excellence. Pereira’s curiosity and desire to learn is drew her to teaching.  

“I had excellent role models when I was in school and they always made me want to know more, which is what I love to do for my students now. I try to teach in a way that peaks their interest in a similar way. Sometimes I think I’m more excited about science than my students, because there is always so much to discover and learn! But more than my love of the subject is my compassion for my students – I care about them as people and I want to help them with skills to build success in school,” said Pereira

Whether it’s in her Science class with grade 9 students adjusting to high school or with her Physics 30 students preparing for final exams, Pereira makes deeper connections to the learning by involving students in a variety of activities. For instance, grade 9 students research and write short profiles of the work and impact of a featured scientist each month, while grade 12 students might be found working in pairs to tackle a highly academic concept. Whatever the activity, Maddie always ensures a safe, caring and collaborative environment where she builds exemplary relationships with her students, parents and peers in the school.

In her formal observation, Division Principal Jody Dennis indicated that Maddie “is a very strong teacher who thoughtfully reflects after each lesson and adjusts her approach to accommodate each student in her classroom. She works hard to provide a wide range of learning activities for her students, which enhance their ability to retain information in her class. She maintains trust, respect and dignity in the room, but also has high expectations and a firm disciplinary presence.”

The ASBA Edwin Parr Award recognizes teachers who are new to the profession who show significant promise in their first year. Each of the eight school divisions in Zone 4 select a nominee to be honoured at the annual Edwin Parr event, which will be held on May 30 this year.

 “I am proud to be recognized in this way, although I’m also thinking of all the other first year teachers in Chinook’s Edge who I know and am impressed with. I feel a duty to represent all the hard work that we all do for our students. I wouldn’t be able to do it without the level of support I’ve received from colleagues in my school, as well as the division’s incredible mentorship program,” added Pereira.