The County of Lacombe Lifelong Learning Association (CLLLA) will be hosting their 42nd Annual Active Living Fair this coming Wednesday, September 14th. The Active Living Fair is the perfect opportunity to check out all the local events, activities, clubs, teams, and organizations in and around the Lacombe area.  

“This year, we are going to just have a lot more booths, tables, and participants, so that's exciting. We're getting quite a few new people that are wanting to participate in it that will make more opportunity for people to come and communicate and connect with all the different programs that are going to be happening in the area,” said Dani Ducross, CLLLA Executive Director.  

The event offers the chance to scope out programs and organizations in person.  

“They will often have registration opportunities for people to come and do while they're there. It's also turned into a promotional venue for existing programs or services around that they might not actually have a class to register, but they have a service that they can offer,” said Ducross.  

Ducross believes organizations are feeling more confident about offering programs and people are feeling more comfortable with getting involved in them.  

“I think that because of COVID, a lot of people are starting to realize that if they're going to start doing things, they're passionate about, now is the time to do it. It's really nice to see a lot of new programming, a lot of new opportunities, and a lot of new start up programs come up. 

You can also check out some of these programs in the ‘Don’t Hibernate’ Community Activity Guide that should have arrived in the mail for all Lacombe County residents which also features more activities. You can also check out an online version of the book, by clicking here.  

The Active Living Fair  will be happening at the Lacombe Memorial Centre on Wednesday, September 14th from 4:00PM to 7:30PM. The CLLLA will also be bringing back the spring edition of the event later in 2023.