There was a lot of excitement today at our Sunny Studios as our six baby chicks that hatched earlier this week finally made their way out of their incubator and into their new home!

Our mascot Sunny had been looking forward to this moment all week and wanted to take all of them home with him!

The new babies have now made their was back to Cheryl and her team at Blue Lotus Acres, where they participate in the Hatch The Chicken and Rent The Chicken programs, both sure to bring as much excitement to your home, office or school setting as it did to ours!

Also, a big congratulations once again to our Guess The Hatch Date winner, Janet Cave, who won herself a gift basket from the Lacombe Farmer's Market plus Easter Brunch for two from the Lacombe Golf & Country Club at The Deck Bar & Grill!

Happy Easter everyone!