On April 12, 2022, the Town of Bentley Administration presented the findings of a Building Condition Assessment Report regarding Oxford School which is located right next to the Town of Bentley Municipal Office on 4918 50 Avenue in Bentley. 

The building was determined to be deteriorating. Some of the major issues include the roof, load-bearing brick walls, foundations and building code deficiencies. 

The estimated cost for repairs to the building are more than $1.2 million dollars. Due to this significant cost to repair as well as an analysis of current utilization of other community buildings, administration made a recommendation to consider demolishing the building. 

Bentley Town Council elected to close all public access to the Oxford School due to safety concerns, and shut of all utilities. A decision regarding the building’s demolition will be made following a public consultation that will be held in late May or early June. 

Once input has been gathered, a plan will be developed for the park to share with Mayor and Council and the public for consideration.

This article was written with files from the Town of Bentley.