Saving Grace Animal Society is bringing beer and furry friends together with Pints for Pets in Lacombe. The society is looking for support and families in need of pets during an especially challenging time for local animal rescues.  

“Coming into 2022 after the ups and downs of last year we were hopeful that the rescue world would be less challenging and we would have a little more room to breathe. Unfortunately, 2022 has brought the complete opposite. Intakes are high, adoptions are low, donations are not the steady flow we would like to see and we are just trying our best every day to keep up,” says Amanda McClughan, Co-Executive Director. 

The event will be held at Blindman Brewery in Lacombe tomorrow (Sunday, July 24) and adoptable animals will be on site. Merchandise tables will also be out in support of the society. The event will be happening from 2PM-6PM.  

“We’ve noticed a trend of attendance with in person fundraising events being lower than previous years. I think coming out of last year people are just busier than ever trying to make up for lost fun. While we fully support that fundraisers are so important to our society as we operate solely off of donations from the public.” Says McClughan. “Luckily we know that next to the support of animal lovers we can count of people’s love for beer, tacos and some good old socialization! “ 

The team is also hoping to fill their rescue van with much needed supplies such as Puppy Kibble, Kitten Kibble, Canned Cat Food, Canned Dog Food, Chicken Free Dog Treats and Wet Food and Pee Pads.  

“This year more than ever we have had to rely on the public for donations to feed our animals. With so many animals in care it’s been near impossible to keep our shelves stocked for long,” says McClughan.