Over the course of the Lacombe and District Chamber of Commerce’s 2022 Trade Show, the Rotary Club of Lacombe has exceeded their goal to help out Ukraine. 

The Club had a goal of sending six ShelterBoxes to Ukraine. Each box contains aid and gear that makes living in challenging and uncertain circumstances a little bit easier. The boxes cost around $1,200. At the Trade Show the Rotary Club was able to fundraise for three and a half more boxes officially reaching their goal. 

Rotary Club Acting President, Don Gullekson says they have an additional $550 for a seventh box to be sent over to Ukraine.  

“Donations can still be made to any Rotarian or dropped off at Judit Ficzere’s office on 50st and it will go towards getting us to the seventh shelter box. As always, Lacombe came through with support for a good cause and to help the people of Ukraine during their time of need,” added Gullekson. 

You can take a short tour and see all that a ShelterBox has to offer by watching the video below.