Red Deer County will be making a donation to STARS Air Ambulance, after a request for mission funding.

County Council unamimously agreed to give STARS about $36,000 to aid in their missions.

Mayor Jim Wood says with 445 scene calls to Red Deer County since 2011, council thought it was a no brainer.

"In a really rural area, by ground ambulance, time is of the essence. So STARS provides a very valuable service to our residents, and we felt it was extremely important to support STARS with their endeavors. Recognizing they've provided assistance for many of our residents over the years."

Wood says the residents of Red Deer County have to rely on the services of STARS in dire situations, and for that reason they had no problem making a donation.

"When one of our residents needs STARS, we really need them. It's usually something that's very serious and very urgent. So we're just glad to have STARS, and glad to contribute."

Council unanimously voted in favour of providing the mission funding, with all seven councillors giving a yes.