The Primary Care Network’s Women’s Fun Run will be held this May 8th and they are now accepting registration. This will be the second time the race has been delivered during the pandemic and it will also be the 10th and final PCN Women’s Fun Run.

“We have 10 start locations so we can socially spread out depending on what our restrictions are…It's going to be fun. When people sign up, they choose their location we have 25 racecourse maps they can look at that and they choose their location. Then, they choose a start time,” said Val Jensen, Race Director and Event Coordinator.

She also says that people may choose to participate in the race by choosing their own destination to run or walk. The main goal is to encourage people and families to get active in their community.

Typically, the event also collects donation for the Mustard Seed’s School Lunch program as well.

“We're thrilled that we've been able to support the Mustard Seed’s school lunch program, but we're not a fundraising run. We are so grateful for the support and our participants who so generously share with the Mustard Seed,” said Jensen.

The race will be ‘aloha’ themed and Jensen encourages participants to wear their best luau attire including grass skirts, leis, and coconut bras. She encourages people to dress like travelling is still allowed.

Students in Red Deer will also be participating in the run through their schools physical education classes.

“All those kids will be doing a three kilometer in their phys ed class, socially distant. They'll receive a special commemorative wristband that says ‘Live Aloha’ with a motivational message…The Fun Run has now morphed into really including our public school kids in Red Deer and it's still called ‘Be the Change’. The kids are encouraged to bring change for their school lunch program,” said Jensen.

She says last year, the Mustard Seed made 46,000 lunches for students in Red Deer but expects that they will making even more lunches this year. The Mustard Seed has expanded the program into other communities such as Sylvan Lake and Delburne.

89-year-old Jean Schmidt who has walked five km for the past five years participating in the 9th annual Red Deer PCN Women's Fun Run. Jensen says Schmidt will be participating in this year's event as well. 

Depending on the ongoing restrictions at the time of the race, participants may be able take part in a socially distanced parking lot luau but those plans remain strictly tentative.

After ten years putting on the Women’s Fun Run event, Val Jensen is ready to pass on the torch to someone else. She says putting on the race is at times like a ‘full-time job’ but she says it’s not the end of the Women’s Fun Run but a new beginning.

“We're going to come back with something exciting for next year. We really are, but it will have a new look. We're saying we're imagining a new look and a new event on this date,” explained Jensen.

She added “I love people saying we would miss it if you stop. We need to hear that people want this event.”

You can find more information on the PCN Women’s Fun Run, by clicking the link here.