A couple of new road rules will be coming into effect tomorrow (March 1, 2023) in Alberta.  

The change gives roadside workers a little more safety by extending safe passing protections that are typically given to first responders to tow truck operators and construction crews. 

When a vehicle is stopped with flashing lights, motorists will now be required to: 

  • Slow down to 60km/h or the posted speed limit, whichever is lower, in all lanes traveling in the same direction on multi-lane highways 
  • Slow down to 60 km/h or the posted speed limit, whichever is lower, when traveling in either direction on single lane highways. 

The change is expected to reduce confusion by having consistent rules for all roadside workers as well as increase traffic safety.  

Between March 2018 and March 2021, there were 128 collisions with highway snowplows. Additionally ,the Alberta Motor Association reported 25 near misses and three serious collision with their service vehicles between January 2018 and July 2019.  

Fines for passing vehicles with flashing lights are doubled and range from $136 to $991 depending on the rate of speed.