Canada's Bison Industry will see new funding to help expand and grow its reach. 

Federal Agriculture Minister Marie Claude Bibeau announced an investment of over $133,611 during the International Bison Convention.

"The holding of the International Bison Convention 2022 in Saskatoon is an excellent opportunity to recognize Canada’s rich bison history and reiterate our government’s support for this industry, which contributes to the vitality of our rural communities. This investment will help raise global awareness of Canadian bison to increase exports and stimulate growth of our economy."

The funding will be delivered over the next two years through the AgriMarketing program will be used to expand and grow market access in Europe and increase Canadian bison exports into the United States.

Terry Kremeniuk, Executive Director, Canadian Bison Association, says this investment is very important in assisting the bison industry in rebuilding European markets as well as supporting strategies to ensure growth in exports to the United States.

"A significant portion of the increase in consumer awareness and exports globally can be attributed to the ongoing funding received through the AgriMarketing Program."

In 2021, exports of  live Canadian bison and bison meat reached nearly $90 million.

IBC Convention chair Les Kroeger says bison demand here at home is also growing.

"More people are enjoying bison now than ever before. We've got farm direct marketers, right through to being able to find it on some of the large food chain store shelves."

Canada has nearly 150,000 bison with the majority of the production found in Western Canada.

Alberta and Saskatchewan producers represent 79 per cent of Canada's Bison herd.