Camp L.G Barnes is hosting a flower sale in support of their lakeside vacation getaway for adults with special needs located near Bentley. In 2021 provincial funding to the camp was cut and since then, Camp L.G.  Barnes has been working hard to survive.

“The government took away all our money and also took away all our staff. Actually last year, it was just the board that was actually keeping camp open and looking after the animals and stuff like that,” said  Irene MacSweyn, a Board Director at Camp L.G Barnes.

However, last year with lifting restrictions the camp was able to host people at the location more frequently. Typically, the camp hosts over 4,000 visitors.

“We're surviving. Let’s put it that way. By the skin of our teeth, we’re doing it,” she added.

With the changes the camp has also recently increased their hours of operation. They are able to be open seven days a week instead of five and have made changes to make things even more inclusive for their guests.

“We were restricted to just developmentally challenged before but now we're hosting anyone who is handicapped. So, anybody in a wheelchair anybody with autism, cerebral palsy, and anybody that wants to come up and use the camp for the day. It's only $10 for the day,” said MacSweyn.

People can take part in tons of activities at Camp L.G Barnes. There’s a beach located nearby, and they have plenty of farm animals as well. This winter, guests had the opportunity to take advantage of their new ice fishing shack for the first time. Guests can also stay the night for $40. 

MacSweyn is thankful that the community has already been so supportive of fundraisers held in the past and it looking forward to their continued support.

Flowers sold in support of the organization range from $15 to $35 and you can order hanging baskets, tomato plants, patio planters, and herbs.  

“We send the orders to Evergreen nurseries in Red Deer. Then they provide all the orders that we want and they are delivering them to us at Camp L.G Barnes. It'll give you a chance to come and see us,” said MacSweyn.

However, the camp is also willing to make arrangements if you need your plants delivered. For more information on Camp L.G Barnes you can check out their Facebook page here.

Flower sale poster.