A new classroom project has been completed for Chinook's Edge School Division teachers and will have a big impact on learning.

The Google Classroom project was led by 14 master teachers and involved over 160 high school teachers from across Chinook’s Edge, who focused their efforts together during the division’s Collaborative Days.

By pooling their resources and sharing expertise in their subject areas, comprehensive materials for 64 core courses and specialty areas to enhance the work of teachers in the classroom have been created. Teacher resources include course outlines, lesson plans, rigorous assessments, and supplementary materials such as videos, articles, handouts and suggestions for classroom activities. Through the division’s collaborative culture, and as fellow teachers access and add to the materials, each Google Classroom will continue to grow.

“The intention is to create a wealth of high quality teaching materials for each course so that our high school students are learning from these wonderful resources, along with connections to the people who created them,” said Karyn Barber, Associate Superintendent of System Services. “This means teachers are not spending time creating materials that already exist. This is the true goal of collaborative work and we hope it will benefit teachers across the division, as we navigate increasing complexities in our classrooms. “COLT appreciates the significant time and effort our high school teachers and administrators directed to this project. Whether teaching physics or music, when teachers ignite their love of the subject with like-minded professionals an invaluable synergy is created, which is in the best interest of the students we serve.