Blackfalds Council has approved the 2022 operating budget of $29,801,048. The budget will result in a zero per cent increase for taxpayers.

“This new Town Council, like many, are hoping that 2022 is a year of recovery for our community after a tough couple of years, and economic recovery was our focus in this budget,” explained Mayor Jamie Hoover. 

Mayor Hoover added that with the foresight of Administration and previous Councils, there are reserve funds that the Town can draw onto and allow for the relief that will be continued for taxpayers. 

“We are confident that Blackfalds is still the strong, vibrant, sustainably growing community that has been the reason that we keep improving even during these challenging times, and in 2022 we will continue that in a financially prudent way,” Hoover said. “I’m amazed and proud of this community for its resilient ability to build so much improvement and opportunity in such a relatively short time.”

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This article was written with files form the Town of Blackfalds.