I love sushi, LOOOOOOOVE SUSHI. We are one; I would eat it every day if I could. Some people find that when they go vegan, they worry about not being able to enjoy their favourite meals (like sushi) anymore, but there are lots of ways to enjoy this delicious food without fish! This recipe is exhibit A

For this recipe you will need

-       Nori sheets (seaweed sheets, available in pretty much any grocery store)

-       2 cups of Rice (I choose to use brown rice since it is healthier then it’s white alternative)

-       1 tbsp of sugar and 4 tbsp of rice vinegar (technically you don’t HAVE to add these, but it helps make the rice sticky and easier to work with)

-       Firm or extra firm tofu

-       1-2 ripe avocados

-       Spinach or your favourite green

-       Any other veggies you desire

Cook your rice following the instructions listed on the container. Set aside and let cool.

In small bowl, mix rice vinegar and sugar together, pour over cooled rice and gently fold together. Set aside.

Cut your tofu into ¼ inch slices and fry in pan with little bit of olive oil, till golden brown on the outside. Set aside and let cool

Once your rice and tofu have cooled, you can start assembling your sandwiches. Take a piece of plastic wrap and put it on a flat surface, lay your nori sheet out onto the plastic wrap, making sure your plastic wrap is almost double the size of your nori sheet. This will help hold the sandwiches together until they are all cooled down.

Take one nori sheet and lay it out on your plastic wrap. Scoop out one small handful of rice and place into the middle of your sheet. Flatten gently. Put slice of tofu, sliced avocado, spinach and any other veggies of your choosing onto the rice, try not to overstuff your sandwich since the nori paper may tear if it is too far stretched. Put one more scoop of rice on top of veggies, flatten.

Take your nori sheet and gently fold the corners into the centre, it is normal for some slight tearing or cracking to occur. This is where the plastic wrap comes in. Once all four corners are folded into the centre, take your plastic wrap and fold it around your sandwich. Let that sit for 10-15 minutes, allowing the nori paper time to soften.

Slice sandwich while still in the plastic wrap, then remove wrap and ENJOY! 



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