Sometimes, life is just too busy...and by sometimes, I mean almost all the time.

Some days, you just want a simple meal that involves little to no prep time whatsoever. THAT is where veggie wraps come in! You can grab any (and I do mean any) fillings you may like, throw them into a wrap, spice and season appropriately and enjoy!! Sounds simple, but as a society we are so consumed with the idea that if there is no meat in the meal, it is not a meal at all. That couldn't be further from the truth and these wraps are a perfect example.

I try to always include healthy fats into these wraps, not only does it add flavour, but those healthy fats keep you fuller, longer.

I bought these weight watchers whole wheat wraps at the grocery store, and I really enjoy them. Once again, portion control is almost as important as what you are actually eating.

In today’s wrap I had

-       Few slices of red onion

-       1 large leaf of fresh kale, chopped

-       ½ avocado, mashed (mix kale and avocado together in a bowl until kale is coated)

-       Pepper to taste and mustard (you can sub this for hot sauce, vegan mayonnaise, whatever your heart desires, but personally, I LOVE MUSTARD)


If you are thinking, WHAT? THATS IT?!!! Remember that these are customizable, you can add grated carrots, peppers, olives, spinach, tomatoes, but today I wanted to keep it simple. I personally love kale, it is so crunchy. And the avocado helps to balance out some of the bitterness

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