Yes, the dreaded 5 letter word, S-A-L-A-D. So many people recoil at even the mention of salad, BUT, when paired with incredible ingredients and topped with the perfect dressing, salads can truly be a full and satisfying meal.

Also the size of the salad is so important. A lot of people will say that as soon as they eat a salad, they are still hungry, or worse, hungry 10-15 minutes later. When eating a whole food, plant based diet, it is so important to remember you are now consuming much more nutrient dense foods BUT they all have a lot less calories, so the quantity of food you can eat goes up.

My measurement for a salad are usually around:

- 1 to 2 big hand fulls of two different kinds of greens (I used romaine lettuce and one of kale or spinach)
- 1 spirulized veggie (I like cucumber, zucchini or beets
- 1 other veggie: like 1 bell pepper (diced) or half a cucumber diced
- 1/4 onion
- 1 cup of beans (great source of protein)
- sprouts (tons of vitamins, fibre and potassium)
- ½ an avocado (healthy fats, important for brain function)
- 1 tbsp salsa
- 1 tbsp salad dressing
- something spicy, like jalapenos (I LOVE ALL THING SPICY)

***THIS is the most important piece of any salad. If you choose a premade dressing, checking the calories, sugar, salt and fat content is essential. I tend to make my own dressings at home but if I am in a rush, I will often choose an oil or non dairy milk based dressing and measure out the amount I am using. Otherwise an accidental heavy hand can add 200+ calories to an otherwise amazingly healthy meal


I try to eat at least one big salad a day, as well as drinking green fruit and veggie smoothies. Vegetables are some of the most nutrient dense foods in the world, find the ones you love the best and reinvent them for yourself every day.
Your body and mind will thank you for it.

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