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Please provide about background of yourself:  I am a farmer from Altario along the Alberta / Saskatchewan border and I've lived within 6 miles of Saskatchewan my whole life so I understand how policies affect different forms of wealth creation.  As a result of that, with my age, I challenged some of the federal legislation known as the Canadian Wheat Board and was blessed to see that change happen under the Stephen Harper government and then I threw my hat into the ring to be elected provincially.  I'm seeking that approval of the constituents of Drumheller-Stettler as well again.

What is something that you stand for?  Property rights.  A lot of people don't understand that property rights are more than just owning dirt.  Your driver's license, the education you may have to achieve your job title is a property and it's a right in a free and democratic society to own, effect, use, and maintain those properties and property rights. 

What do you feel is important for our constituency?  The economy.  Recently, I have seen information from Statistics Canada information that shows unemployment from Camrose to Drumheller and out to the Saskatchewan border is at 8.8%. I feel that it is an extremely deplorable situation and I believe it needs to be revitalized, revamped, and improved.  I've always been a strong advocate for agriculture and economic development and I want to try and enhance that.  Right now, in Drumheller, I see the development of a new business called Valley Brewing.  That development is affected and enhanced because of the activism that I took back in 1995 on to 2002 and the changing of the federal legislation known as the Canadian Wheat Board and the freedom of producers to grow and market their barley to whomever they wish. That economic development is a result of all my activism in those years past and I would like to see more of it in the Drumheller valley and the expansive, diverse constituency of Drumheller-Stettler.

How do you plan on helping your constituency?  By affecting these property rights.  There is the potential of irrigation development along and off of the Red Deer River, off-stream water storage projects and that sort of thing. If you look at the southern part of the province that's blessed with irrigation development and has been for over 75 years.  If we could affect some of that type of development in our constituency, it would offset some the boom and bust cycle of the energy requirements going forward. I think that would be a stabilization to the area that has stabilized the southern part of the province, particularly along Highway 3. 

What inspired you to become interested in provincial politics?   Being able to walk at some points of my activism career with a gentleman named Stephen Harper.  I just admired the guy and I realized he is a regular person just like you and I.  He aspired to lead the country.  I didn't have his same vision at the same time he did but I realize that now his vision and the culmination of our paths crossing to change federal legislation was kind of like the alignment of the constellations. As a result of that and my passion for property rights, I put my name forward in 2012 to be elected.  I stayed with the Wild Rose (Party), did not cross the floor in 2015, and was vindicated by the constituents of Drumheller- Stettler.  I am looking forward to being their representative in a broad, diverse, and economic fashion again in 2019.  

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