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We have asked the same five questions to all of the candidates of the Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills riding to provide a profile for voters in our area.

 Please provide about background of yourself:

I am a rancher from the Pollickville area. My wife Jenn and I have two kids, Avery and Luke, and we run a cow-calf mixed farm operation.

 What is something that you stand for?

I stand for rural Alberta, small-town Alberta to have a strong voice within the province. I stand for an Alberta that sticks up for itself and its people, and industry within Canada.

What do you feel is important for our constituency?

We are predominantly oil and gas and agricultural based riding. We need policies that allow us to play to our strength. While knocking our doors and having thousands of conversations leading up to this election. It is clear the ballot question for most is about the economy, its about jobs, its about oil and gas, its about pipelines.

How do you plan on helping your constituency?

This riding is so big. Communications and great relationships with town and municipal councils will be key, knowing local issues and being able to express the needs of each region in caucus, and being able to tell our story. A great deal of wealth has left our area over the years to help build Calgary and Edmonton, and emphasis must be placed on identifying capital projects in our area with great potential and then fighting to get them to the top of the plough.

What inspired you to become interested in provincial politics?

I have always been interested and always felt it was important. But honestly, the feeling that this current government and policies are crippling our province. I feel like Alberta is at its tipping point, and this is the most important provincial election of my lifetime. I wasn't really looking for a job, I was just compelled to try and help. I want our kids to have an Alberta full of opportunity and I don't want them to have to move to find it.

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