Keith Parrill is running for MLA for the first time for the Freedom Conservative Party in the Lacombe and Ponoka Riding. Parrill has worked in the oil and gas industry for over 30 years and believes that it will increase his success as an MLA for Alberta. He is also very passionate about providing for Alberta's most vulnerable and protecting the senior citizens of the area and making sure they live comfortably. 

What’s your main message?

The main message today is less Ottawa and more Alberta. I think you’ve heard me talk about negotiating. There is a process of negotiating with Ottawa. I looked at some prior precedents that have been set by the supreme court of Canada where Quebec wanted a better deal in Canada. The supreme court made rulings that they just couldn’t form a separatist government within Quebec and then just go directly into separation. There has to be an honest effort to negotiate and if that fails then a referendum can be held. Derek Fildebrandt has talked about being a nation inside of a nation of Canada and I fully support that. Alberta has a lot to offer Canada it has and countries all over this world. I’ve worked in the oil sands for many years and I can tell you that the amount of materials, fabrications, storage of large vessels all over this world and masses of amounts of loads have been built and shipped to Alberta and their oil sands. We contribute a lot to this world, not only in Alberta in Canada. I believe that if we had more Alberta control and less Ottawa control, we can keep that momentum going in Alberta.

How realistic do you think it is to bring the fight to Ottawa?

Well like I said, Quebec did and they got a sweetheart of a deal. I have nothing against Quebec I love what they have, I am jealous and I want the same thing. I can’t see how after a precedent had been set, why Alberta can’t shorten the process, not have to go to the supreme court and just basically follow what Quebec did in their footsteps and we can do the same thing. I think it’s realistic or else I wouldn’t be here.

What are you most proud of about your party?

I am quite proud that we have a leader who is the only leader right now who is an elected MLA and he’s actually talking about this equality or independence. To jump on a party that has an elected official in the legislature I think that’s great.

What do you think is most important to the Lacombe and Ponoka riding about what you are trying to accomplish?

To be honest with you, there is an aging population here and there is infrastructure going up for the senior citizens. I am a firm believer in looking after our most vulnerable whether it’s the young, or seniors, our veterans. I’ve hounded the table talking about how we are letting these people down. I think the fact that I have an oil and gas industry background and I am an advocate for that because it’s important to our industry, it’s important to Alberta’s supply. As far as my community here in Lacombe, Ponoka, and Blackfalds area, I will definitely be making sure that there is no senior that is going to be left out. They shouldn’t be making choices between paying bills and buying medication. I am embarrassed to say that I am a Canadian and that is happening in my community.

What is your expertise within your party?

If Derek Fildebrandt ever became the premier of Alberta, I have 30 plus years of oil a gas industry experience and how it works. I believe I have a lot to offer to the party to the governing body of Alberta. Permit systems need to be fast-tracked sometimes, we really need to calm down on letting everybody come in at once and start building, investment is great but it really negatively impacts our communities. These are things that I’ve noticed when I was living in Fort McMurray how it affected the social infrastructure in Fort Mac. When the construction was at its peak, the hospitals were full. These things need to be considered before we do an influx of construction again into our province. I think I have that experience and a lot to offer a governing body if we were ever elected.

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