Sherry Greene has been an advocate and voice for the first nations of Maswacis and Wetaskiwin area which first got her into politics.

Now representing the Alberta Party, Greene seeks to speak on their behalf in the legislature. 

What policies are you looking to really stress during this election?

I think the policy that they’re looking to stress is the vaccination of the children in the schools because of the Alberta outbreak and there have been quite a few cases of the measles in Alberta.

What is something you are most proud of about your party?

We have a full slate of candidates which is 87 in all of Alberta and also the support we have for one another. It’s a really strong support system and a working system that we have for each other. I am just proud part of the Alberta Party with the amount of support that we have for each other and I have never experienced that for any political involvement that I had throughout my life.

What is your area of expertise in your party/what are you most keen on?

I specialize in first nations governance transparency and accountability. I have been an advocate in Maskwacis first nations community for three years now. I think that in order to restore our government is that we have to have that integrity not just with first nations but also with Alberta government with that being said, I do have a national movement that has 2000 members all across Canada. It’s growing. It’s overlooked and unseen issue that needs to be resolved nationally.

What do you think is most important to Central Albertan residents about your platform?

New agriculture initiatives need to take place because with the hemp product line I know that there is a market there that will grow and prosper because each municipality with the Alberta Party will be getting a 50-50 cut. There’s all the supports there in central Alberta and also with the Edmonton international, they have cargo shipping. It’s a market that needs to be tapped into and Alberta has the ideal soil for it. I think that it will benefit a lot of the communities wherein the town it will give them a 50% revenue.

What is your attachment to this area?

I am from Maskwacis, Alberta first nations.

What got you into politics then?

It started with my mother, I advocated on her behalf with the mold and the first nation issues of molding water. Once I was successful with advocating on her behalf then more people started reaching out to me with their housing issues like, how did you do this? It just led to one thing then another and then it just led to the accountability and the transparency from that point it, just blew up.

It’s amazing how I got to this point but coming back to the Alberta perspective, I do believe that we do need the indigenous population within the Alberta legislation assembly.

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