Wolf Creek Public School Board Chair Luci Henry is looking forward to Year 2 of the division’s four-year education plan.  

“For Year 2, our focus is narrowed to hone in on quality teaching, but interlaced with that is our strategies pertaining to our other two very important priorities as well — collective responsibility and supporting all students,” said Henry in a release.  

She noted that Year 1 was focused on COVID-19 recovery. 

“In Year 1, there was a focus on COVID-19 interventions, as the Division was successful in securing approximately $700,000 in additional support for grades one through three. Through supports and learning sessions, our Education Services department began working with schools and administrators for the lead up preparation to the new K-6 curriculum,” explained Henry.  

Recovery from the pandemic will continue as the school division looks towards addressing learning gaps that may have occurred as a result of the pandemic.  

Although educational quality held study for the past year, Henry noted that parental involvement fell slightly from 80 per cent to 74.3 per cent. However, she suspects stringent COVID-19 measures may be the cause.  

Within the next year, Henry hopes to continue creating success for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students.  

“It is part of the crucial commitment we can all make to truth and reconciliation,” she added.  

Additionally, the school division will look toward improving graduation rates.  

“That includes developing strategies of outreach and engagement to make sure we, as a school division, are removing as many barriers to education as possible to ensure success,” said Henry.  

You can read Luci Henry’s full column here.