This week, Wolf Creek Public Schools is celebrating Substitute Teachers’ Appreciation Week. 

“We have always known how vital substitute teachers are in our schools, but through COVID-19 and through staff absences, the need was even more so,” said Corrine Thorsteinson, WCPS assistant superintendent. “We are genuinely grateful to have such a wonderful and dedicated group of substitute teachers in Wolf Creek, who truly love our schools and our students. They make a big difference in the lives of students, and for that we are thankful for them.”

Bethany Neamtu has been subbing in Wolf Creek for more than a year and half. She said that subbing allows for a variety in her teaching practice.

“My work is challenging, and each day is different,” said Neamtu. “I have a fantastic work-life balance as a substitute teacher because I am not required to lesson plan or do report cards. If I want to take a day off to focus on my family, it is easy to do so as a substitute teacher. I enjoy subbing because I get to work in many wonderful schools and constantly meet new people.”

Throughout Alberta, substitute teachers enter the classroom with the same daily responsibilities of instruction, care for students and dedication to education as regular teachers.


Written with files from Wolf Creek School Division.