Based on our ‘sample size’ of 620 central Albertans the majority of central Albertans in the Lacombe area are cheering for the Edmonton Oilers.

Some of our own Sunny 94 staff will be wearing blue and orange tonight.

Sunny 94 Station Program Director, Darin Clark says “This is a great thing for the province of Alberta and an even better thing for Oilers fans, when they win.”

Drive Home Show Host, Adam Hamilton and huge Oilers fan gets very superstitious on game night. He has an untrimmed playoff beard that annoys his wife and a very special jersey.

“I have a tested and proven jersey because when I haven't worn this jersey, they've lost. When I do wear the jersey, they win, except if I miss part of the game. If I've missed part of the game, then they'll lose when I wear this jersey, but every time I've worn this jersey and watched the whole game through, they win,” he said.

Hamilton originally from Manitoba, said he let the fates decide what team he should cheer for.

“If I had went to College in a different city… My first choice of city was actually Calgary, so I'd be a Flames fan probably right now but because I went to school in Edmonton back in the late 90s that's why I'm an Oilers fan because I went to tons of games and everything,” said Hamilton.  

Puck drop happens at 7:30 PM tonight. Let us know who you are cheering for on our Question of the Day on our Facebook page, for a chance to win a gift card to Mr. Mike’s Steakhouse Casual.