Yesterday, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General, Tyler Shandro introduced a blueprint for a provincial police force in Alberta. Earlier this month, the Government of Alberta also launched a website exploring what a provincial police force would look like.  

But how would a provincial police force affect Lacombe Police Service? According to a statement provided by the City of Lacombe, the change would likely not impact the service.

“The City of Lacombe is concerned with how a transition to a provincial police force will occur for our regional partners. However, in all likelihood, this transition will have a minimal effect on our citizens – who will continue to benefit from the exemplary Lacombe Police Service,” the statement read.

The Lacombe Police Service was established in Lacombe in 1900 and remains one of the oldest municipal police services in Alberta. 

You can read more about the provincial police force in the articles below or visit the Government of Alberta's website here.