Lacombe County is hosting a two day voluntary farm vehicle safety check this week, tomorrow and Wednesday.
Commercial Vehicle Inspectors will be on hand to conduct safety inspections, and as Community Peace Officer Ray Kawai explains, there's no need to be worried if they do uncover some violations.

“Now we’re not doing any enforcement actions as far as tickets and things go, it’s more of an education type of thing, so we will note out all the safety violations if there are any on the vehicle and we will let them know”.

At the end of the day Kawai says they want to help prevent equipment failure and promote safety for everyone.

“The farm vehicles are held under the same standards as a commercial vehicle is. We know this is a busy time of season for farmers, so we’re just giving them an opportunity to get their vehicles buttoned up. They don’t hit the road as often as a commercial vehicle might hit the road every day, but we’re still trying to make sure everybody is safe on the road”.

Lacombe County is accepting farm vehicle safety check appointments as well as drop in’s both days.

Tuesday safety checks will be conducted at the West Remote County Shop on Rainy Creek Road near RR 3-0, and on Wednesday Inspectors will be working out of the East Remote County Shop on Hwy 12 and Hwy 821 at Tees, both days between 9 and 3.

Call 403-782-8959 for an appointment.