Gamers get ready for a video game tournament like no other right here in Lacombe. Registrations are currently being accepted for the Lacombe Dome: Anarchy Splatfest video game tournament which will be held this weekend (August 26 and August 27) at the Lacombe Memorial Centre.  

Participants will be able to duke it out in games like Super Mario Smash Brothers Ultimate, Splatoon 3 and more for a chance to win $3,000 in cash prizes.  

The tournament is being organized by Levi Derowin who finds that these sorts of opportunities are great for making friends.  

“I’ve been apart of a Smash Bros. group for seven-ish years... Smash Bros. Has been very influential I think through my life. It’s helped me break out socially and bring in some good friends and such,” said Derowin.  

Super Mario Smash Brothers Ultimate does not have an online component so getting together to play with a group of people is the only way to battle it out.  

As for the Splatoon tournament, players will be battling it out to determine whether a dog, cat, or rabbit is the best house pet.  

So far, over 130 people have signed up for the tournament including some who are not from the area.

The tournament will be run by double elimination. However, there is still room for casual gamers to take part as well.  

“We do have a $20 I'm just going to call it ‘Weekend Fun Pass’. It lets them get in for friendly so it lets them play ladder and it lets them play a few as a side bracket. So, they get a chance to like, dip their toes in a competitive if they want,” explained Derowin.  

Players aged 14 and older are able to play and anyone younger than 14 will need a parent or guardian accompanying them. 

For more information, click here. 


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