Have you ever wanted to take in history with your pooch? What about test your furry friend’s aptitude on some agility equipment? Well good news, you can do that all in the City of Lacombe this weekend.

This Saturday, the Lacombe and District Historical Society is offering a Historic Dog Walking downtown Lacombe. It will be the perfect time to experience the history of City with your dog.

“We're going to have one of our walking tours, and there's a dog trainer going to be there as well to make certain that all the dogs that are attending are behaving themselves. It's a walking tour obviously for people, but you can bring your dog. There will be treats and water,” explained Melissa Blunden Executive Director of the Lacombe and District Historical Society.

The walk will begin at 5:00PM at the Lacombe Flatiron Building on Saturday, May 12. For more information on that, click here.

Dog Park

If you need something a little more fast paced for your dog, it might be time to test out the new dog agility equipment at Lacombe’s dog park. Several new items have been placed at the dog park which is located off of 53rd Avenue in Lacombe.