Kenneth Novotney and Ronald Klinger are two winners who each took home a $100,000 prize. Both winners reside in Ponoka and purchased their tickets just days apart.  

The first of the two, Novotney recalled the moment he saw a number with a bunch of zeroes show up on a local lottery retailer’s ticket checker.  

“I said to the store clerk, ‘Hey, I won some money," Novotney recalled. "He scanned my ticket and said, 'yeah, you did! But, I don't have enough money to pay you that," he said.  

The excited winner proceeded to call and tell his wife after he finished fueling his vehicle.  

"She was super excited for me," said Novotney. The happy winner has a few plans for his windfall: "I'm mostly going to pay some bills and put money on my mortgage," he said. “The pressure is off!”  

Novotney purchased his ticket from the Reddi Mart in Ponoka on November 23. He won by matching the last six digits of his ticket.  

Ponoka’s other new lottery winner, Ronald Klinger, woke up $100,000 wealthier. 

Klinger picked up his ticket from Husky off of Highway 2A in Ponoka on the day of the draw. He discovered his win the next morning when he scanned his ticket using the same store's self-checker.  

"It was hard to see the zeroes," Klinger recalled as he claimed his prize. So, he scanned his ticket one more time before sharing the good news with his parents.  

The happy winner said he plans to pay some bills and relax with his windfall.  

Klinger won by matching the last six digits his ticket.  

"The pressure is off," he said. "It's nice not having to worry about money."