The Town of Sylvan Lake hosted a flag inclusion ceremony Monday, prior to the January 23 Regular Meeting of Council.

The ceremony saw the addition of the Treaty Six and Metis flags added to Council Chambers.

A traditional pipe ceremony preceded a number of dance performances and songs at the Municipal Government building, hosted by Elmer Rattlesnake, featuring Clare Butterfly (Siksika First Nations & O’Chiese First Nations), Red Deer Aboriginal Youth Dance Troupe Dancers, and messages from Joey Pete (Treaty 6, Sunchild First Nation Council) and Raye St. Denys (Metis Nation, Metis Knowledge Keeper).

photo of flag ceremonyPhoto courtesy of The Town of Sylvan Lake

“In recent years, we have been on a path of relationship building and learning, and this ceremony and flag raising is another step in this journey, said Mayor Megan Hanson.  “Through this learning, it has drawn attention to the historical and ongoing wrongs against Indigenous peoples. Indigenous communities, families, and cultural connections have been profoundly impacted by the legacy of suppression of culture.

Our intention behind this ceremony, and the raising of the treaty six and Metis flags is to continue to build relationships that allow us to better address these wrong doings.”

Flags will also be added to the NexSource Centre.