The Town of Ponoka is encouraging people to compost and recycle as much as possible this holiday season to help divert unnecessary waste from the landfill.  

The following are recyclable holiday items that can be placed in a clear or transparent bag at the curb to be recycled on collection day:  

  • Cardboard boxes;  
  • Greeting cards and envelopes;  
  • Clean aluminum pie plates;  
  • Plastic food dishes labelled with symbols #1 through #7; and  
  • Wrapping paper that is non-glossy, non-metallic, not shiny or does not have a plastic coating 


Compostable items that can be placed in Ponoka’s green carts include most kitchen food waste, coffee grounds, cooking oil, eggshells, poultry bones, shellfish, tea bags, certified compostable food containers, food soiled newsprint and cardboard, facial tissue, food-soiled paper towels and napkins. Please do not put plastics, recyclables or household garbage in the green carts, such as diapers, tin cans, chunks of wood, plastic bags, etc.