Innisfail Town Council is encouraging residents to attend an information night to learn more about a potential waste-to-energy facility for the region. Varme Energy, developer in waster to energy and bioenergy projects is providing a presentation to the public after sharing an overview of their technologies with the Town of Innisfail.  

“In June of this year, our council signed a letter of intent and expressed interest in learning more about the process of establishing a waste-to-energy facility in Innisfail,” said Meghan Jenkins, the Town’s Director of Community Services.“ This presentation is the next step in that process. It’s an opportunity for the company to educate us about how the facility functions, and it’s also our opportunity to ask any questions we may have.” 

The waste-to-energy process involves incinerating waste -- including the solid household waste collected by most municipalities -- and converting it to electricity. The technology used to achieve this is already in use in other jurisdictions in Europe 

The presentation will take place at the Innisfail Library and Learning Centre on Thursday, August 25 from 5:00PM to 7:00PM.