The Town of Ponoka is asking residents to help reduce the number of false alarm fire calls. In 2021, Ponoka County Regional Fire Services received 63 false alarm fire calls. 

A common cause of false alarm calls is because some home security systems are linked to smoke detectors that become accidentally triggered. If this occurs the Town recommends you call your monitoring company immediately to cancel the false alarm and prevent crews from being dispatched. 

Some monitoring companies will call the home owner before they dial 911 to ensure the alarm is a real emergency. In that case, those alarm companies need you to answer their call as soon as possible to prevent crews from being dispatched. 

Here are some other tips:

  • Test your smoke alarm once a month
  • Replace your batteries in your alarms twice a year
  • Ensure alarms are installed and placed properly
  • Contact your alarm company before doing maintenance, cleaning, or any testing