It’s about to be another cold night. In the Lacombe area, there will be a low of -29°C and with a windchill near -35°C. With temperatures that low, there will also be a risk of frostbite. 

The Mustard Seed is saying the recent extreme weather is putting lives at risk as those struggling with homelessness are in danger of exposure, frostbite, and hypothermia. 

In an effort ensure that all neighbours are cared for the organization is working with multiple agencies across Red Deer to ensure that everyone has a safe place to stay and sleep. 

Here’s a look at some of those efforts:

  • Guests are allowed to stay indoors during the daytime whenever temperatures are dangerously low and there is a cold weather warning. 
  • Some of our locations have advocates combing the streets and rough camps ahead of the cold snap in search of people experiencing homelessness to encourage them to use the shelter or find alternatives to get some reprieve from the cold
  • They offer coffee service so that guests can enjoy more warm beverages as they seek shelter from the cold
  • They offer bus tickets to help clients get around safely
  • If a guest suffers a health crisis due to the extreme cold, they work with local medical professionals and agencies to get them the care and support they need

In light of the colder weather, the Mustard seed is asking for donations in order to ensure that everyone is kept warm during the extreme weather. Winter clothing such as warm coats, gloves, hats, warm socks, and boots are a constant and needed donation, along with hand and foot warmer inserts.