9 cancer survivors or siblings of kids battling cancer have been giving back in Lacombe this week, helping Habitat for Humanity build their homes in Shepherds Heights.

These 9 kids ranging from 16 to 18 years are part of the Teen Leadership Program with Kids Cancer Care which helps with humanitarian efforts each year, all over the world.

17 year old Victor Jose Espiritu has been cancer free for 3 years, after finding out at 12 that he had a brain tumor.

Victor explains why a group of teens who've had to put their lives on hold, would want to give back.

"We were in hospitals for a lot of our lives, so we just don't want other people to have to either go through that, or not have a home. We just want to help people have a chance in life. In my honest opinion I feel like the world isn't the greatest, but maybe the world isn't ready to change yet so I have to help it change."

Victor says he's looking at life through new eyes, after visiting the Dominican Republic last year.

"The small things. Don't take them for granted. Everything isn't a given. It's hard enough to have to be in the hospital day in day out, so be grateful. Then last year we visited the Dominican to help out. We helped build a school, and meet the community. It was very eye opening you could say. There were children with almost nothing, and they still had a smile on their faces each day. We're just a group that likes to give back."

Victor says it's hard to understand why more people don't volunteer their time and give back to others, but hopes he and his friends can help inspire them to give it a try.

He also has some lofty goals that he hopes to one day accomplish, like putting an end to world hunger.

He also has a passion for magic, saying he likes to make people believe in the impossible.

The Teen Leadership Group also has two kids who are currently battling cancer, and couldn't get the go ahead to help build the Habitat Homes.