The Team Jigger Foundation’s Jason Lunn is taking on an exciting challenge next month. Lunn who has been diagnosed as a quadriplegic since a motor vehicle collision that occurred in 2011 will be walking 100 yards at the MEGlobal Athletic Field on September 16, 2022. 

Team Jigger Foundation’s Kensey Lunn who is also Jason’s niece says walking again has been on his mind since the beginning. 

“I feel like since the first day that I went and visited him in the hospital back when he had his accident it's always been a goal of his to one day walk again. I don't know if it's just through the involvement with the Lacombe Athletic Park Association (LAPA) that he's decided that this is a good way to do it and kind of spread awareness while doing it. In the short it's been a goal since his accident, but more realistically I'd say probably the last two years it's been on his mind,” said Kensey Lunn. 

She said Jason has been undertaking some extra training and therapy in preparation for the big day. He has been going to physiotherapy twice a week, riding a specialized bike at the foundation, and working with the Lacombe Hospital. 

“They've been using a treadmill and have been walking down the hallway in the hospital but he hopes to be able to bring that and transfer it onto the field,” said Kensey. 

Jason has been using specialized mobility equipment to aid him in walking that he will be using at the football field. 

“It's like this sling structures and it has some wheels on it. It suspends him so he's able to support his weight and then he moves the structure or if he's on the treadmill, then it's just propelling on the treadmill. Down the hallway, he's able to be supported well enough that he can swing his legs around to propel his body forward,” explained Kensey. 

Lunn’s 100 yard walk will also coincides with the first game of the season for the Ècole Secondaire Lacombe Composite High School’s Ram Football Team.  

“Donations are always welcome and any donations brought in from the event will be shared between Team Jiggger Foundation and Lacombe Athletic Park Association. All of the funds raised will go towards accessible equipment for sports programs here in central Alberta, not just at LAPA but within the Foundation as well,” said Kensey. 

She says the event is still in planning but you can catch updates by visiting Team Jigger’s Facebook Page or the MEGlobal Athletic Park’s Facebook Page. 

Jason Lunn