It wasn’t a win for the Lacombe Composite High School’s Ram Football team but it was certainly a win for the Team Jigger Foundation. Jason ‘Jigger’ Lunn took his ‘strides for accessibility’ following the Ram football game against the Lindsay Thurber Raiders.  

Lunn was diagnosed as a quadriplegic following a serious vehicle incident that occurred on January 14, 2011. Lunn pledged to walk 100 yards to promote accessibility and accessible athletics in the community. 

“I’ve been training for about four months to actually be able to do 100 yards. I was up to 177 [yards] in practice so when I did my dedication to my friend to do 100 yards all at once, it was a big effort,” said Lunn. 

At the event, Lunn not only walked 100 yards but did another 100 yards in honour of his friend Kristopher Coleman who was a long-standing member of the Lacombe Kinsmen Club who had recently passed away. 

“He visited me every week up at the Glenrose and when I had no hand function he fed me and he left us too soon,” added Lunn tearfully. 

Lunn was lifted from his chair and placed on the ground by those that were first on the scene of his incident Lacombe Firefighters, Alen Scholing and Tyler Boruck, and STARS Flight Nurse, Lori Coutts. From there, he crawled the first 10 yards using only his arms and upper body strength. At the ten-yard mark, his physiotherapists helped him into his accessibility equipment where he walked the remainder of the field. 

After completing 200 yards in total, Lunn was smiling ear to ear. 

“Well, I am feeling awesome. I don’t know how I will feel tomorrow. I might be a little sore but it’s nice to see the community’s support. It’s definitely something that I’ve been working hard to accomplish,” explained Lunn. 

Several tears were shed by family, friends, and community members as Lunn crossed the yard lines of the football field. However, his daughter, Cadence says this isn’t the first time her father has conquered his goals. 

“I mean he surprised me once with my high school graduation where he danced with me. So, anything is possible and he did it tonight. I could not be more proud,” said Cadence Lunn. 

The MEGlobal Athletic Park was crowded with hundreds of people. Several came onto the field to cheer Lunn on as he made his strides including both of the football teams. 

“I was a little nervous today because it became real and the people that came out, I was not expecting,” added Lunn. 

Despite his nerves, Lunn conquered his goal and then some walking the length of the football field twice. Now that it has been accomplished, he intends to go back to the drawing board and determine his next challenge.