Between April 21st and May 2nd, Sylvan Lake RCMP have handed out six Provisional Sanctions for impaired driving in the Town and surrounding highways. 

In collaboration with multiple RCMP units, a Joint Traffic Operation was conducted on April 28th where officers issued the following tickets:

  • 8 tickets for speeding in school zones
  • 7 tickets for seatbelt violations 
  • 2 tickets for distracted driving

“As the warmer months are approaching our community sees an increase in a higher volume of traffic in Sylvan Lake and surrounding detachment area. With this increase, there is also an increase in offenses relating to alcohol and motor vehicles.  The Sylvan Lake Detachment officers will be increasing enforcement in order to enhance road safety for the community and those who travel to Sylvan Lake as a vacation destination. “ says Staff Sergeant Christopher Peden of the Sylvan Lake RCMP.

In the evening that same day, RCMP conducted a Joint Force Operation Check stop on Highway 20 and Highway 12 near Bentley. Out of the 90 personal vehicles and 12 commercial vehicles that were checked, two Graduated Licences suspensions were given out due to alcohol consumption. 

“I would like to remind those drivers who consume alcohol or cannabis to make alternate arrangements to get home safely,” added Peden.