The Town of Sylvan Lake announced the start of a 10-year Destination Management Plan, to be built with the community, for the community. 

Destination development experts tante consulting inc. and Skipti Strategic have partnered with a dynamic group of collaborators to lead the project.

Consultation and engagement opportunities will gather input from local business owners, contributors, entrepreneurs, and community builders who may not even realize their importance and contribution to the visitor economy. 

The project team will be on the ground at major local events, while hosting workshops designed to connect with community representatives, residents, and business owners about the Town and its potential as a place to live, work and visit.

The Plan will use tourism as a driver of community development and growth to enhance local pride in place, community infrastructure, resident and visitor services, and overall community well-being.

“A core value guiding the project is leveraging tourism and the visitor economy to maximize benefits to the community through the transformational power of tourism in a place with so much potential,” said Natasha Bhola, Tourism Marketing & Development Coordinator for the Town of Sylvan Lake.

“We're creating an attainable, future-focused Destination Management Plan that aligns with provincial and federal visions for tourism, but puts the local community at the forefront of opportunity,” said Terrilyn Kunopaski, Principal of tante consulting inc. “Our intent, from the outset, is to ensure the inclusion of a broad set of perspectives and lived experiences to guide Plan outcomes.”

This project is made possible through grant funding. Additional details will be released following a formal announcement by the funding organization.