Kjeryn Dakin, the owner of Bukwildz Restaurant, Buks Restaurant and Doe(s) Pizza in Sylvan Lake, has been nominated for a provincial and national business award. Dakin has been nominated for Woman Entrepreneur of Distinction award by the Alberta Chamber of Commerce and for the Women of Influence award from the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards.

Dakin and her staff are no stanger to recognition, having won several Sylvan Lake Chamber of Commerce Awards and she was presented with the Business Philanthropy Award at the 2020 Sylvan Lake Business Awards.

And after representing Alberta 2 years in a row at the Best Caesar in Town National Competition, Dakin placed first in 2019.

Dakin who lives in Sylvan with her husband Kevin and three children, says that without their support, and the support of her staff, friends and customers, running 3 restaurants would be be a much bigger challenge,

"It's everything. I couldn't do or be who I am unless I had everyone's support. It's literally everything. If my husband didn't support me fully, there's no way we'd have three restaurants. He takes on the brunt of everything at home and that gives me the freedom to focus on work. There's been some rough years and many, many months where we shouldn't have survived. And as soon as we make it through, the community is there cheering us on."

With oldest child Kora growing up in the restaurant business, does Dakin see her kids wanting to take over the family business one day,

"You know it's funny, I always said no until our youngest was born. Kora, my oldest is a hard no. She grew up in the restaurant, she's been there since she was four years old. Kasper is creative and sporty, but Kol is the adventurous type with a huge personality and that's what you need to be in the restaurant industry."

More and more female entrepreneur's are being recognised for their achievements and Dakin says that the recognition is important,

"I think it's very important because much as we have made some serious drives in the last hundred years, we're pulled in so many different ways to nurture and provide and I just love seeing women break the mold and push themselves and go against stereotypes that unfortunately still exist. It's important that we all support each other in those efforts."

The RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards will handed out November 17th and the Alberta Chamber of Commerce Awards will be presented in May.