February’s Classroom of the Month was Miss Bartel’s Grade three class! Student, Rilana Van Omme nominated her class because they made her feel welcome after she and her family moved here from Holland almost two years ago!

Sunny and Riling Van Omme. Sunny and Rilana Van Omme. 

We were so excited to head to the Lacombe Christian School that we nearly forgot our delicious pizzas from Boston Pizza Lacombe.  Thankfully, Sunny noticed and we turned right around to go get them. 

We were so warmly welcomed by the school. Miss Bartel has quite the giggly bunch of students. They were SO excited to see us and even taught Sunny some new dance moves. Sunny loved doing the Macarena with them! He also loved all the high fives and hugs!

Miss Bartel’s class LOVED their gifts from our amazing sponsors. We had such a fun time with them but now we are looking for our next Classroom of the Month!

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