Alberta’s Minister of Justice Tyler Shandro is introducing legislation that would make it easier for Albertans to access crime statistics. If passed, Bill 9 otherwise called the Public’s Right to Know Act will require the provincial government to report crime data annually online.

“By improving access to crime data. This this improved access could help decision makers at various levels to develop policies as well as to take actions that are based on evidence. A troubling crime trend could expose gaps and services and to lead to the development of new initiatives or new enforcement strategies, for example. A rural Crime watch group may make different decisions about the need for volunteer patrols or public awareness efforts after taking a look at and studying the crime data in their communities,” said Shandro.

He believes knowing crime statistics will help Albertans make informed decisions to improve their safety such as locking their car, or home instead of leaving it up to chance.

If passed, the legislation is intended to come into force this fall, enabling the data to be posted online.