Theresa Greening and the Innisfail Senior’s Drop-In Society is creating handcrafted sleeping mats for those in need in the community. 

The mats are constructed by ‘plarning’ grocery bags and crocheting them into a sleeping mat. ‘Plarning’ is a crocheting process that involves cutting the shopping bags into strips to create material to crochet with.  Each mat takes around 30 hours to complete in total. So far, they've donated 12 sleeping mats to Turning Point Society in Red Deer.  

However, Greening and her fellow project members are quickly running out of plastic bags. Last year, local businesses donated  their remaining plastic bags as they switched to more eco-friendly options.  

Community members and businesses are asked to donate plastic bags at the Innisfail Senior’s Drop-In Society. They are open most days until 3:00PM and closed on Sunday. For more information on their hours, click here.