Hail insurance is a hot commodity as farmers start looking toward the summer and more active weather.

The CEO of Ag Direct Hail Insurance, Bruce Lowe says their success is based on being online and direct, between themselves and their customers.

"There is no one between our customer, being the farmer, and the private line company whereas every other private line company has a broker or an intermediary or middle man and that middle man is compensated 12 per cent commission to fill out the policy," he says. "With Ag Direct our customers come straight to us they can check out rates they can apply direct and of course because we don't have to pay anybody anything to sell our product that's how we can get our rates as aggressive as they are."

Lowe says every farmer has to make their own decision on  insurance since hail can absolutely crush a producer.

"We have many customers that choose to insure at levels that cover their input costs plus a little bit, while others insure at a much higher level considering the value of the crop that they have," Lowe says.

He says in three years they've dealt with thousands of claims without ever being taken to appraisal or arbitration.

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