Minister of Culture and MLA for Lacombe-Ponoka, Ron Orr said yesterday that there is a possibility of bringing back The Olympic Games to Alberta.

Although four years ago, the majority of Calgary voters said no to having the games return, Orr said The Alberta government is not ruling out the possibility of another Olympic bid.

" I can't say from the government's point. Is it a possibility? We are certainly open to that. We have engaged in some initial processes. There is a small group of individuals who have put together some proposals for a future opportunity and we will certainly be looking at those as they come and as it becomes appropriate to talk about details."

orr speaking at conference


Orr was at an press conference yesterday in Calgary announcing a 1.75-million dollar upgrade at WinSport's Frank King Day Lodge -- which was  used  during the 1988 Winter Olympics.

He talked about the importance of the facility.

“Alberta’s government recognizes the lodge’s importance to tourism, winter sports and the local economy. This funding will help preserve a legacy building on this historic site. Through the planned renovations, WinSport will provide a greener and more inclusive and welcoming space for all users – tourists and athletes alike. The redesign will allow for expanded use by para-athletes and enhance the opportunities for disabled visitors to interact with the space. The Frank King Day Lodge will continue to be an important community hub for decades to come.”

The building, converted to a day lodge following the 1988 Calgary Olympics, welcomes more than a million visitors annually and serves as a gathering point for athletes and visitors to Canada Olympic Park