Starting next month in October, Red Deer County residents that currently have a Red Deer County residential garbage collection will transition to automatic garbage collection.

Ergonomic carts will be delivered to existing customers with an information package included for residents to reference.

The first day to utilize the new carts will be the week of October 3-7th. All carts must be placed out the night before or by 7a.m.the morning of your garbage day; collection schedules will continue to remain the same.

.“County residents will be receiving a service level improvement, with no additional costs to them, this new system will also reduce collection interruptions, “remarked Mayor Jim Wood, Red Deer County.

According to Environmental Services Manager Andy Treu,

“The full implementation of the program is covered in the monthly fee residents already pay. The County is excited to embark in this improved level of service for county residents.”

For further details on the residential garbage collection please visit: