MLA for Red Deer South Jason Stephan is calling Premier Jason Kenney’s leadership review a circus after the vote to determine the Premier’s fate has been changed to a mail-in ballot. The change was made due to a rush of voters who signed up to take part.

“The UCP leadership review has become a spectacle and a circus,” said Jason Stephan in a public Statement.

“Fundamentally moving goal posts, after deadlines, destroys trust and integrity of the process. It provides opportunities to cheat.”

The MLA noted that there appears to be some pressures within the party to vote in favour of Kenney in order to promote more unity within the party and avoid an NDP win in the next Provincial election.

“Some politicians say vote for Kenney or there will be divisions in the party! They are too late – divisions are upon us and sometimes this leader has increased, rather than decreased them,” added Stephan.

He argues that some of the items which could be seen as Kenney’s successes would have happened without his leadership in place.

“Conservative policies, regardless of the leader, increase economic prosperity. With oil over $100, a conservative government budget would be balanced, with or without Kenney.”

The Red Deer South leader has taken to social media making several posts about his discontentment.

“The ends do not justify the means and so this leader does not enjoy the trust of most Albertans. This recent development only amplifies and reinforces those feelings,” added Stephan in his statement.