The City of Red Deer’s Director of Emergency Management provided another update on the Red Deer River this afternoon (June 15, 2022).

The high streamflow in the river is expected to peak sometime tomorrow afternoon.

“This morning outflows from the Dickson Dam increased to approximately 250 cubic meters per second. Earlier it was flowing at 123 cubic meters per second. What that means for us is that we expect to see the Red Deer River begin rising approximately one meter starting between 6:00 and 7:00 PM tonight and peaking sometime tomorrow afternoon,” said McMullen.  

He says the mapping indicates the impacts of the high water levels will be contained to the city park system only. Flooding is expected in the Mackenzie Trails area but the City expects that there will be no residential impacts at this time.

The high stream flow advisory remains in effect for the City. Although the heavy rainfall warning has ended, McMullen says the City remains concerned. He says even with blue skies the risk of rising water remains.

“The melt in the snow pack of the mountains then feeds into our Dixon Dam area and Dickson Dam opens or closes their floodgate that then feeds the Red Deer River. When that occurs, it can take as little as five hours to get into the city of Red Deer jurisdiction. It can take up to 24 hours depending on how much they release,” explained McMullen.

The City continues to ask people to stay off of the river during this time.

The following amenities remain closed:

  • All boat launches into the Red Deer River
  • The Lion’s Campground
  • Great Chief Park (both ball diamonds and Setters Place),
  • The Outdoor Pool at the Recreation Centre
  • The Capstone Fountain
  • The Blue Grass Sod Farms Central Spray & Play
  • Outdoor sports fields

Public amenities will remain closed until they see a plateau in the water levels.

“We would then want to see what we call a plateau. In other words, no increase in water flow for up to 12 hours before we're comfortable suggesting any changes to our current operations,” he added.